Wednesday, March 02, 2005

MissAnna: Hey there, hero. You manage to pull yourself together today?
ManhattanBlog: Uhm. What the fuck happened to my lower lip?
MissAnna: I think you lost a fight with the sidewalk.
ManhattanBlog: Ruined that shirt too.
MissAnna: The price we pay for our glamour lifestyle.
ManhattanBlog: Never. Drinking. Again.
MissAnna: That's the spirit. Keep telling yourself that, maybe it will come true. I'm only kidding. You're drinking tonight. We've got that Jinx magazine debate tonight.
ManhattanBlog: What are you talking about? I cannot set foot in another bar.
MissAnna: Nonsense. Lolita Bar. Eight o'clock.
ManhattanBlog: What's the topic?
MissAnna: "Is a Woman's Place Naturally In the Home?"
ManhattanBlog: That's terrible. Women in the home is unnatural. Away games only. Keep the home 100% women free.
MissAnna: You should have seen what went on in your place while you were in Costa Rica.
ManhattanBlog: I've been meaning to ask you how those stockings got shoved into my CD player.
MissAnna: Oh wonderful! You found them. Bring them with you tonight. Now go rest up.