Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Memo To Myself: No Habo Blog Discipline. 

To: ManhattanTransfer
From: ManhattanTransfer
Re: Pathetic Blogging

It's pretty sad that you've turned this blog into a series of notices about comedy shows. You don't even like comedy all that much.

Today you were going to live blog the conclave. Just like everyone else did. Now you're too lazy to even put in the hyperlinks in the prior sentence to prove your point. Oh well.

It's three hours after the whole thing went down you're just now posting. Pathetic.

9:42. Is that Pat Keirnan? I love "In the Papers." Never have to read anything. Don't even need blogs to tell me what's in the papers today. Just listen to Pat make his witty remarks. Oh, hey, it's the Sleepy's ad. Beds. Back to sleep.

11:52. What are they saying? I just woke up. Crap. I was going to go to work today. Hmmm. Looks like white smoke. Headline on Fox says it's black. Hmmm. Who to believe? My own lying eyes or these folks who somehow became papal selection experts overnight. Crowd is cheering. I'm going with them.

12:04. Okay everyone now agrees the white smoke is white smoke. Bells ringing. Crowd cheering more. Going to turn the volume up and nap for a bit to the sound of cheers. See what that does to my dreams.

Oh man. That was a bad idea. Dreamt about auto-racing. I have no idea what that could mean. I've never even been to an auto-race. Maybe that's just what white people cheering makes me think of. Turn volume down. Resume nap.

1:20. That looks like Cardindal Ratz! He's the new pope. Shoot. Says "earlier." This all happened sometime earlier, I guess. Oh, that's sweet. The other cardindal just reached over and straightened Ratz's red smock thing.

You have have an idea. To make this even sadder, you will steal the Shift Memo thing that Lockhart, Elizabeth and Alex stole from Sploid. Yeah. That's right. Blogging hungover. Fake liveblogging. Writing in the second person. If only you would use the royal "we" in here somehow, it would be the end of blogging altogether.

We're out of here.