Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday contest: Does Miss Anna Have a Mullet? 

I got my haircut last week. I went to the same great salon I always go to. Had a new stylist, but I've been on this new kick where I just do what they tell me. It's worked so far. They wanted to give me bangs. They gave me great bangs. I walked out of the salon all business. Happy camper. Went out that night. It rained. Stumbled to the mirror in the morning and there was a party in the back of my head. In fact all over the top as well. Did I have a mullet?

I washed my hair and seemed to alleviate the situation. But if I don't pay attention for awhile and sneak a peek: there's often a mullety version of myself looking back. The question is, am I so stylish that I've gone beyond mullet? No. I kinda knew that wasn't possible. Do I really have a mullet? What do I do about this?

--Miss Anna