Thursday, May 19, 2005

Free Drinks 

Negotiations regarding "Happy Krucoff"--the forthcoming documentary in which Andrew Krucoff eats nothing but food from various NYC happy hours for a month--continue. In the run-up to that, I'll post a list the best happy hour bars.

Until then, New York magazine has put together a handy list of where to find the best open bars. As everyone reading this knows, the best open bar deal is the Cellar on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where $10 bucks gets you all the draft beer and well-drinks you can drink between 9 and midnight. (There's also a two-for-one happy hour from 5 until 8 on Tuesdays, and $2 off all whiskey on Wednesday). A close second is Tuesday night at Doc Hollidays, where a fiver will get you all the bud light you can bury in your belly.

I don't usually go in for the open bar deals. I'm a whiskey drinker, and the rot-gut well-whiskey you can get on these "all you can drink" deals results in hangovers that cost far more than the price of shelling out for a good glass of Jameson's. But the bars can be fun on these nights. The crowds get rowdy. The girls get friendly. Someone usually falls down or gets pushed down.

One fantastic deal that I hadn't heard about before is tequila hour at Plan B. Unlimited free tequila from 9 till 10 on Thursdays. See you there tonight.