Friday, May 20, 2005

I've Got Two Dollars, Where Do We Party? 

Vice Magazine's Gavin McInnes shows how the reporter for New York Magazine's wet-eyed tale of the plight of illegal immigrants in New York City got taken for a ride by the subject of her piece.

Proving once again Manhattan Transfer's first rule of journalism: any piece touching on an issue of public policy that focuses on a sympathetic individual is probably a pack of lies. Either the individual in question doesn't exist, is a shill the reporter was set-up with by some serving special interest or is conning the white-guilt ridden gullible reporter who cares too much to ask real questions. Be especially wary if the reporter doesn't reveal how they got the story in the first place.

All that aside, this whole paying $2 bucks to dance with hot Latin chicks sounds like a good deal.