Monday, May 16, 2005

Old Boys Club 

Steve Sailer helpfully pointed out that a few years ago USA today published the secret membership list of the Augusta National Golf Club, host of the annual Masters Golf tournament.

The list is a who's who of the American corporate and political elite, so I thought readers of Manhattan Transfer might want to check out which New Yorkers belong. (Full disclosure: I'm actually related to one of these fellows through my mother's family, but he didn't return my phone call when I asked if we could play a round together at the club.)

William R. Acquavella Acquavella Art dealer 64
Kenneth I. Chenault American Express 51
Theodore N. Danforth Retired 77
D. Ronald Daniel McKinsey & Co. 73
Louis V. Gerstner Jr. IBM 61
S. Parker Gilbert Morgan Stanley Group 68
Edward D. Herlihy Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz 55
James R. Houghton Corning, Retired 66
John F. McGillicuddy Manufacturers Hanover, Retired 71
Douglas D. Mercer 66
Thomas S. Murphy Capital Cities/ABC 77
Peter G. Peterson The Blackstone Group 76
Richard I. Purnell 84
James D. Robinson III American Express, Retired 66
Whitney Stevens 75
Robert G. Stone Jr. Kirby Corp. 78
Douglas A. Warner III JP Morgan Chase, Retired 54
Sanford I. Weill Citigroup 70

No doubt this list could be more complete since so many folks who live or work in New York use other states as their official residences to avoid New York taxes.