Tuesday, July 12, 2005

American Splendor 

The little girl in the pink dress and her golden dog stood in the breeze on the grassy median of the Woodrow Wilson rest stop. Their presence gave the grass they stood on, the bench behind them, and the patch of sky above, a majestic sheen. Her hair matched his shining mane as their parallel gazes looked over the horizon, through the exhaust filled haze, past the turnpike toward a better place, a hopeful future. Defying the atrophy of the shuttered Nathan's and the graying White Castle, they were the picture of the American dream. She held his slack leash in her hand, confident that her trusty retriever would be her companion forever.

As if on cue, her loyal companion stepped toward her and looked at her knowingly while lifting his right leg. A steady yellow stream headed toward her pink bobby sock. As we pulled away from the curb, her gaze shifted downward as she struggled to extract her soggy foot from its pink Reebok casing without the use of her hands.

-Miss Anna