Monday, October 24, 2005

Casualties of the Night 

I dropped by Lolita bar Saturday night, where the lads of No Data were in charge of the music. The place was packed full of a lot of my favorite people. Someone slipped something in my drink, though. Something like whiskey. I ended up in some after hours place on Ludlow. Barely beat the sunrise home. As my friend Gavin told me the next day, "Nothing good happens after four in the morning." I need to add that to my list of Tips for Living.

The really bad thing that happened was that someone stole my camera at the afterhours. Right out of my coat pocket. Check out my flickr site if you want. There won't be anything new up there for a while.

Sigh. I guess now I need a new camera. Any recommendations?

Update: Here's Dens' version of events. I didn't know that was a rap video. I thought it was just a convention of thugs. Does that mean a rapper stole my camera?

More pictures here and here. Oh, and there should be some going up here all week long.