Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great Minds 

The day before I left for Iowa, the New York Times published one of their "36 hours" articles about Des Moines. The 36 Hours series are generally very useful guides packed with up-to-date information about thing to do in cities which are not New York. The idea is that if you wanted to, you could manage to do everything mentioned in the article in 36 hours. I don't reccomend trying it, though. There's usually so much packed into these pieces that you'd be exhausted if you tried to everything. Pick and choose what you want, and then tell yourself you'll do the rest when you return someday.

The picture that ran above the article looked familiar to me. And then I realized I took almost the exact same picture two years ago. Have a look for yourself.

capitol dome>

God Loves America

The top picture is from the Times. The bottom one is mine. We must have been standing in exactly the same place when we took these pictures.

Which do you prefer? The Times is cropped more interestingly, the colors jump out much better. It was obviously taken with a better lense and probably has had some work done to it. I don't even have a trial version of photoshop, so mine is entirely from my point and shoot, pocket-size digital camera to your eyes.
I do think that the light is more interesting in my shot.