Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Most Desperatest Missed Connection Ever 

Paging the IJC! I think we have a winner.

I know this sounds insane but back in the summer of 1992, I used to be a pimple face 19 year old who often talked to an older blonde male who went to Wharton Business School at the weight room. I did not like blondes nor older men then but time later I saw you with an olive skinned brunette beauty (whom I assume was your wife years later) who resembled an older version of me around Stuyvesant Town. Then I saw you walking with your child who resembled a mix maybe 5 years ago. I always wondered about you.... What if...

You may not even remember who I am now. I have transformed and now am extremely fit and pretty. I dont believe in breaking up any established relationship but I just wanted to rekindle contact and a smile.

The clincher:

this is in or around Murray Hill

No kidding.

[Craigs List Missed Connection]