Friday, October 28, 2005

Official A 

My favorite part of the Libby Indictment:

21. On or about July 10 or July 11, 2003, LIBBY spoke to a senior official in the White House (“Official A”) who advised LIBBY of a conversation Official A had earlier that week with columnist Robert Novak in which Wilson’s wife was discussed as a CIA employee involved in Wilson’s trip. LIBBY was advised by Official A that Novak would be writing a story about Wilson’s wife.

Which I take it means that Novak, who first published the information that Joe Wilson's wife was a CIA employee, is the only reporter we know of involved in Plamegate who continues to successfully protect his source from public exposure.

Two further thoughts. First, I expect that this will enrage Jon Stewart & Co. Second, I guess we may never know who told Novak.

Deep background with Novak is deeper than Deepthroat.

Update: Jack Shafer is the first to register his annoyance!