Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A Sample of the Spring Social Season 

I was cleaning out my gmail account this morning and came across this email I sent out last spring. I cannot imagine where I found the energy to go through weekends like this. Or maybe I should be wondering where that energy went.

To the Go Team:

I've outlined this weekend's activities below. You should join me at any of these (some of you already are). Or better yet, all of them.

Except if you want to come to the Blue Jean ball you need to help the Children's Aid Society to the tune of $150 because it’s a charity event. Or you can tell them your covering it for the press and demand free admission, like I did. Then you have to live with the knowledge that you cheated needy kids out of $150.

It seems to me that I still have brunch available on Saturday, so if you're not inclined toward any of these, perhaps we should get together then.

All times are approximate (read: I'm going to be late to everything).

Birthday drinks for BM at the Flat Iron Lounge. Seven o'clock.

Birthday drinks for Janelle at the Dove. Eight o'clock.

Birthday drinks for BS at Sweet & Vicious. Nine-thirty.

Spring Saturday BBQ at Jill's apartment XXXXX Street, Apt 5b. May involve a hot tub, weather permitting. Four o'clock.

The opening of From Root to Fruit, featuring the work of Nick Lamia and thirteen other artists, at the Alona Kagan Gallery, 540 West 29 Street. Six o'clock.

Hoe Down at the Sonama Rooftop, XXX East X Street (Second Ave.) Six-thirty.

Blue Jean Ball at Gotham Hall, 1356 Broadway (36th Street). Nine o'clock.

Brunch (organized by Lindsayism) at Miracle Grill, 1st Avenue between 6th and 7th. One o'clock.

Flight of the Conchords, musical/comedy thing, at the Living Room, Ludlow (between Stanton and Rivington). 7:45. $5.

--All the best, MT

Wow. I've really slacked off on my social activities lately. Time to get back on track. The fall social season has officially begun.