Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Save Youngna! 

New Hat and Gloves?

My friend Youngna just got back from Barcelona. There are tons of pictures of her trip here. If you click through that link you'll discover it doesn't go to Youngna's photoblog or her flickr account. When she was in Barcelona her bag was stolen. She lost a lot of stuff, including her camera and her lenses. My heart nearly broke when I thought of Youngna deprived of her camera by evildoers.

Dennis has had the brilliant idea of starting a campaign to buy Youngna a new camera. Go there and donate. I've added a button below so you can donate directly to the Save Youngna campagin.

As an added incentive for you to donate to the fund, until the close of business today I will match any donations made to the Save Youngna campaign through the link below on a "dollar for dollar" basis, as they say in the NPR drive.* That's right, if you donate a dollar to Save Youngna, it's as good as donating two because I'll chip in the second dollar. Don't procrastinate. If you wait until tomorrow to donate your donation will only be worth half as much as it would have been today. (I'm not quite sure how I'll confirm you donated to Save Youngna from this site so let's do this on the honor system. If you're a Manhattan Transfer reader and you donate, send me an email to manhattantransfer(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment to let me know. I figure I can probably just trust you on this).

[*There will be some reasonable level at which I'll declare this matching offer a victory but I haven't determined that yet.]