Friday, December 09, 2005

The Best Thing About the Worst Things 

Second Snowfall, December 10, 2005

The best thing about leaving my office at six am this morning was walking through a city lit only by street lamps reflecting off the just fallen snow. I walked for a bit along the Hudson River, watching the snow melt into the darkness of the river, and then turnedtoward the inner island when the wind started to make my eyes water too much. The worst thing about working all night was not having to ignore the phone calls and dodgeballs and text messages from all my friends out on the town last night. No. The worst thing about being in the office until 6 am was that I had been in the office until 6 am.

At least, that was the worst until 9 am this morning. I was sitting in a cab that was slowly swimming through slush when one of my bosses called to criticize me for not being in the office yet. That was the worst. Well, it was the worst until later this morning when he started screaming at me for being sluggish. I'm pretty sure that was the worst.

The best thing about the worst things is that they're over. It's Friday. I'm leaving the office now. My eyes are already flashing like an Achean fighter catching site of the Trojans marching out of their city gates. I need trouble, laughs and whiskey.