Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas Night at the Manhattan Transfer Family Compound 

After Christmas dinner, the Manhattan Transfer family retires to the cards and games room. Smokes are passed around, and the good scotch is poured. Let us listen in to the holiday merrymaking.

Questioner: "What was the name of the Bush family cat that led to protests at the U.S. Embassy in Bombay?"

Teammate 1: "Dude, I've got this. It's got to be something that would offend Indians!"

Teammate 2: "Wow. You are good. I cannot believe that I am so lucky to have you as my teammate."

Teammate 3: "Or maybe it's something to do with the word 'family.' Like the Bush girls got to name him?"

Teammate 2: "Oh, great. Now we're fucked. Have you ever played this game before? You're fired."

Teammate 1: "I think it's Vishnu! Or Ghandi! Wait. Wait. Curry!"

Teammate 3: "No. The Bush girls. I think it was tequilla shots!"

Teammate 2: "Argh! Shut the fuck up. Both of you. It's got to be Ghandi. That's our answer."

Questioner: "Sorry. The answer is 'India.'"

Teammate 3: "Those fuckers. I'd be totally happy if the President named his cat after my country. Here Ooo-Sa. Here Ooo-sa."

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